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Mission and Vision

  • Development of cultural competent and structural competent antiracist health leaders, executives, therapists, clinicians, staff and educators.

  • Teach transparent and culturally responsive evidence based modalities and approaches to health care providers that support empowerment and are trauma informed.

  • Development of diversity, inclusion and equity and empowerment  experts in peer supports, families, clinicians, educators and leaders.

  • Support community empowerment by identifying strategies to unify fragmented systems of support for children and their families

  • Development of trauma-informed spaces within naturally occurring social networks (NOSN) through partnership and support.

  • Connect formal mental health resources with naturally occurring informal ones to promote healthy communities

The Services

Mentorship and Coaching


Training and Consultation

Sample Proposal

Let us create a  training  program using our tiered phases approach for beginners, intermediate and advanced participants on diversity, inclusion and health equity that works for you with coaching and interactive trainings along the way!



1. Structured individual and small group interviews with key stakeholders

2. Interactive Educational Content and Delivery 

    a.  Cultural Competency and Structural Competency

    b.  Implicit Bias and Microaggressions

    c. Interactive Workshops and Case Conferences

    d. Consultations on Systems of Care

    e. Consultation on Workplace Diversity, Health Equity              and Inclusion

3. Facilitation of Needs Assessment Surveys and Reports

4. Facilitation of Town Hall Meetings 

5. Executive Leadership Trainings on DEI

6. Development of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Committees

7. Diversity, Inclusion and Health Equity Policy and Procedural Trainings 

8. Building Mental Health Community Partnerships and Networks

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