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Hello, I'm Dr. Kim Gordon 

I am a resounding, impactful voice championing grassroots collaboration with healthcare systems, legislative policy makers, and judicial systems to transform zip codes with the goal of increasing life spans and achieving health equity and racial justice for BIPOC communities. 
 My aim is to reshape the direction of wellness and mental health for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color by collaboration with communities, health systems, allied social organizations and naturally occurring social networks to bring health equity to the World!

 Thoughts and viewpoints expressed are my own, “OAMO” (opinions are my own) and “retweets do not equal endorsements.” 

Kim Gordon, MD

She, her, hers

Our Story


BHETC, Bringing Health Equity Training to Communities is a consulting firm founded by Dr. Kimberly Gordon-Achebe to support diversity, inclusion and health equity initiatives for children, adolescents and families through collaboration with communities, systems, organizations and natural occurring social networks. BHETC aims to reshape and reframe the direction of wellness and mental health for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) through mentoring, public speaking, advocacy and development of educational resources.

BHETC programs are designed to educate, train, empower, and build future anti-racist and diversity, inclusion, & equity leaders in the areas of clinical research, healthcare, and beyond.


  • Training in cultural competency and structural competency in mental health 

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion trainings and consultation

  • Trauma-informed care training and consultation

  • Mentorship on how to become an effective leader in mental health advocacy, justice, diversity, health equity and inclusion 

  • Mentorship on how to develop self empathy practices to prevent burnout 

  • Training in the facilitation of difficult conversations surrounding  implicit bias & microaggressions  in the work place

    • participants learn strategies to overcome communication barriers when intersecting identities of oppression and power ascribed due to race, gender, sex, orientation, religion, and socioeconomic status happens in the workplace


BHETC stands to become a catalyst for positive change for future generations.

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Joining our BHETC JDEI team. 


Executive JDEI Mentorship and Coaching Program 

If you interested in empowering your community, become a JDEI (Justice, Diversity, Health Equity and Inclusion) ambassador with BHETC, by joining our executive JDEI mentorship program. Dr. Kim Gordon will provide 1:1 coaching on best practices and skill sets to engage your community.  


Key Note Speaker and Speaking Engagements 

If you are interested in experiencing a transformative and engaging Keynote Address, inquire about our availabilities for a special event speaking engagement with our CEO and Founder Dr. Kim Gordon. 


Training, Consultation and Equity Coaching Packages

If you are interested in interactive, innovative and engaging trainings led by BHETC  knowledgeable JDEI facilitators, inquire about our training programs on Microaggressions in the Workplace, The History of Racism in American Psychiatry and Medicine, Trauma Informed Care for BIPOC and more!


If you are interested in assessing your organization’s climate & culture, practices, and policies to improve Justice, Diversity, Health Equity and Inclusion efforts, look no further!

Our consultation will include focused interviews and survey analysis,  practical instructions with organized trainings geared to meet JDEI bench marks using our tiered milestones approach and lastly a comprehensive report with recommendations for future directions, while training and coaching along the way!

Dr. Kim Gordon does not give medical advice or establish patient relations via BHETC, consulting firm. 




8480 Baltimore National Pike,

Ellicott City, Maryland 21043, United States




Company Website:

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